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About The James&Co Sustainable And Vegan Brand











The James&Co sustainable outerwear brand resonates with the modern woman for whom conscious style is the imperative. To wear classic styles in sustainable leather look fabrics like eco leather and Pinatex while ensuring fashion choices are not harming animals or the environment. 

Our styles are the classic basics of biker jackets, bomber jackets, blazers, casual jackets, trench coats, collarless jackets. All with high impact finishing details.

James&Co started business in 2012 and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. The business was established after the death of the founder's son James. James was a unique individual who cared unassumingly about others and whose natural inclination was to show humanity - and of course, like most 24 year olds, James liked to dress with style. In his talented writing, James exhorted us to 'Live Life & Love It' - he inspires us now to uphold that legacy.

James&Co was founded on the belief that women shouldn't have to sacrifice style or quality in order to live ethically and compassionately.

At the time of starting business, the only synthetic cruelty-free vegan leathers available for outerwear were polyurethane (PU) and polyvinylchlorine (PVC), both of which incorporated plastic and chemicals in their manufacture and are very harmful to the environment. 

And now 6 years later thanks to technology and environmental persistence the leather look fabrics we use are chemical-free and sustainable as well as cruelty-free vegan. We are the only brand offering womens leather look outerwear which has dis-continued use of PU and is tailoring in the plastic-free chemical-free water based PU (PU) which we call eco leather.  We are also the leader in designer luxe outerwear made in plant-based Pinatex pineapple leather.


We believe in supply chain transparency. All our products are manufactured in Pakistan by Mukhtar&Sons under our Supplier Code of Conduct. And we operate with our Supplier Diversity Policy to partner with manufacturers and suppliers from diverse groups including women-owed business for the tailoring of our outerwear. 

We have a Charities Commitment to donate 5% of sales to charities in-kind and in cash. In-kind donations are made to Good 360 for distribution to needy. Cash donations are made to organisations working to reduce suicide rates and raise awareness of mental health issues.

We also have a Sustainability Policy setting out our social and environmental objectives. 

James&Co is the brand that is both Peta-approved Vegan and a Certified B Corp

The trend to holistic vegan and sustainable lifestyles is growing around the globe. So when you buy a James&Co product, you're not just buying a product.  You are joining forces with the growing community of people who eschew lifestyle elements that harm the environment and animals. And you'll get the great feeling that you know you look good while doing good!